Turbinado Padres

Turbinado padres have a title in popular culture that resonates with many of us. Of course I made up the term turbinado padres, turbinado being a crystallized form of brown sugar and padres meaning fathers in Spanish. But the explicit reference that should come to mind is the sugardaddy. In my opinion, sugardaddies ruin the experience that us regular guys should have with these young women with their flowing salaries, pension plans and social security incomes. These men are usually ages 40 and above, and rarely do they have the mental and intellectual cognitive abilities to approach females in their age group with thoughts and emotions that would progress to actions behind closed doors. Often before departing from this earth, through manipulation and kind words these guys snatch away the youthfulness and inner beauty that these ladies possess and rob us normal guys of ever having the chance to maintain a relationship with these women based on truth and love rather than financial security. Sugardaddies gain access to these seemingly inexperienced bodies in clubs, on the web, and in private conversations face-to-face. The only promise that the two or more parties usually intend on keeping is the exchange of money for sex, i.e. prostitution, or as some would film with a camera and call it porn. Mostly everything else is left up to fate.


This is a snapshot of one of the most notorious sugardaddies on the planet, Hugh Hefner, and his three main long-time exes Lazy, Dopey and Obedient.


The inserted picture to the right is Amy Fisher who became in-famous at the young age of 17 when she shot her then-secret lover 36-year-old Joey Buttafuoco’s wife, Mary Jo, in the face and severely injured her.

Ever since the days of the Bible, prostitution has been prominent in our society. According to the Atlanta Daily World, surprisingly Atlanta is the number one port for human trafficking and child sex exploitation in the nation. The significant reason for this is the existence of the Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport. I actually had the opportunity of temporarily befriending a young “warrior” that actually opened up to me and admitted that she had a sugardaddy. My first internal reaction was: wow! you are lying because nobody would admit that. I wasn’t offended by her comment; I was moreso curious and concerned about the route that she was taking in life and why this was affecting her decision making. I discovered that there were no solid answers, except the need for extras. The young lady had recently spent a couple years behind bars and, when out, was possibly trying to catch back up with time. The reception that I received from her was one of misguidance. She had also previously danced at private parties and this would usually be the scene where an older man would prey on the weaker species.

Images are courtesy of theage.com.au and dangerouslee.biz


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